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lighting Design

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Outdoors, Indoors, Shows, Lighting Installation, Lighting Installation (temporary)


WhiteNight Lighting Ltd is a lighting design agency born under the starry skies of the north.The team has endless passion for creating unique lighting solutions that challenge the viewer. Our work benefits from the use of latest methodology throughout the design process, aiding both in the conceptualization and visualisation of the design. We strive to incorporate our passion, enthusiasm and playfulness into our creative work and are damn proud of our designs. In our Scandinavian surroundings, light is constantly transforming with the change of seasons. Late in the fall, just when you think it couldn’t get any darker and gloomier, the first snow storm will suddenly wrap the landscape in dazzling white tones. Towards the spring, the sun clings on to the horizon longer each day, and come midsummer, sunlight has taken over both day and night with an overwhelming effect on all life. Our Northern homes have taught us to truly value the light and our passion towards our work stems from a deep understanding of light and darkness. Rooted in the season of midnight sun of the north, our values and philosophy are reflected in our company name,”WhiteNight”.


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Tampere, Finland

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KONE Tower facade lighting WhiteNight Lighting
Ahvenisto Light Art by WhiteNight Lighting